Blackout Tuesday

Blackout Tuesday

We’ve all heard of Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving. But for those of us in the craft whiskey business, it's the Wednesday before, Blackout Wednesday, that kicks off the holidays.

What is Blackout Wednesday?

Blackout Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving, and it is reportedly the biggest drinking night of the year. While there is no hardcore evidence or data regarding the bar statistics of Black Wednesday, bar owners and police forces will confirm that they add extra staff on those nights.

And, recent research shows that craft liquor is nudging craft beer out of the spotlight. So, for distillers, there is significant profit potential on this night.

What makes Blackout Wednesday a big drinking night?

It’s a Way to See Old Friends

Nearly everyone is off for Thanksgiving. It’s no secret it’s a travel nightmare. At the end of that travel hell is home sweet home. And, before spending the day listening to the same old stories with family, it’s nice to hit up the local watering hole and see your old high school friends.

Mom Does Not Want You in the Kitchen When She’s Cooking a Big Meal

When you get into town, mom is going to be busy getting the meal ready for the next day. The last thing she needs to worry about is entertaining you. Hence, the influx in the bar scene. It’s an easy way to grab a sandwich and drink without driving mom over the edge.

You Can See Who Went to Shit

You can’t deny that going to the local bar and checking to see if that jackwagon from high school turned out to be just like Al Bundy! We all heard it through school. High school didn't matter, and one day that cool kid will not be so cool. Black Wednesday is your day to make sure you get to see it for yourself.

Turkey is a Great Cure for a Hangover

There’s nothing better than a big meal to cure a headache and a belly ache. So, it makes perfect sense to binge the night before mom is cooking an eight-course dinner.

You will have plenty of food to choose from to ease your stomach, and there is likely to be the hair of the dog to help knock out the hangover.


Thanksgiving is a great time to reconnect with family. And, all kidding aside, Blackout Wednesday is a great way to rekindle those old relationships on a face to face level. Social media gives you the opportunity to stay in touch, but it’s always nice to spend quality time together. And, Blackout Wednesday gives you that opportunity. There is just one thing you need to remember on that day. Stay safe and call and Uber!