New Years Resolutions for Distilleries

New Years Resolutions for Distilleries

As we languish in the midst of the Christmas hangover (not a literal hangover, but the quiet after the storm of family, road trips to see them, and all the wrapping paper and toys scattered on the floor), we look into the future. Or at least a week away into New Year’s Day. That magical day, for some reason, where we reevaluate our life decisions and get inspired to make permanent and drastic changes that last almost until the end of January. That’s when gym memberships spike. It’s the typical “New year. New me.” B.S. we roll our eyes at when that one friend we have says they are going to change.

People are flawed, and changing one’s life is hard. But you know what isn’t nearly as flawed as people? A well-run distillery. You have the vision. You make the best spirits in the industry. You even brought on the best people who understand your concept of what a craft spirit can be, and they are true experts at their job. What you need now is the right accounting and management software to tie it all together.

I'm sure you already have some sort of bookkeeping software. The first thing everyone seems to suggest is generic accounting software like QuickBooks. These are great if you run a gift shop or restaurant, but not for a distillery since they have several unique rules and regulations that other businesses don't contend with. Plus, there are things like different states of inventory and split inventories common in a distillery that QuickBooks just cannot handle. And is QuickBooks even close to ready when it comes to the new tax laws on distilleries? I know we are.

New Year, New Tax Laws

So, start it off with the right distillery management software The Tax and Jobs Act of 2017 has brought significant and much-needed changes to how spirits and distilleries are taxed. That means there is no better time to get a new accounting and management set up. When you do it, don’t just jump from one generic accounting platform to another. Get something that was made from the ground up to handle anything a distillery throws at it. Here is what makes Hoocware the best distillery accounting and management system on the market.

Browser Based & Secure

Just log in with a browser to our secure server, and get to work. No need to keep track of the discs and software keys for when you inevitably get a new computer. Those things only clutter up the office and gather dust. Using HTTPS as a way to secure every connection, enabling 256-bit encryption, and utilizing industry-leading security measures made by Microsoft keeps all your data safe and secure.

TTB Compliance and Beyond

Yes, every single business has some sort of regulatory or licensing hoops that they have to jump through. If they slip up, they might have to pay a fee or get some other nickel & dime slap on the wrist. Distilleries and other alcohol producers though - they mess up, and there are more than a couple federal, state, and local entities ready to absolutely nail them to the wall. Do you want to leave things to chance by using some generic accounting software that can't handle the inventory management of batching hundreds of barrels that will be sitting in a rackhouse for several different stints of years? We keep the TTB and other agencies happy, which makes your life easier.

Easy to Use

The best software or program is useless if no one can figure out how to use it right. Just because it's made for accounting doesn't mean it can't be easy to use. All new things have a learning curve, but that is what quality tech support is for.