Toasting Dad This Father’s Day

Toasting Dad This Father’s Day

Once again, it’s time for Father’s Day. The people who created this holiday really knew what they were doing by putting it after Mother’s Day. For one, it keeps mom happy. Second, Mother’s Day is more expensive. The gifts have to be more extravagant, the restaurants nicer, etc. Even the cards have more thought behind them and are fancier. This extra cost and effort can leave a kid’s wallet somewhat depleted once Father’s Day rolls around. All is not lost though.

There has been a growing emphasis on Father’s Day over the last few years. It’s gone from a tie and a card with a fart joke on it to something more meaningful, but still without the huge Mother’s Day price tag. The kids putting on an excellent cookout or taking dad to dinner at his favorite sports bar is fine. And the best gifts from mom don’t cost money anyway. Still, people are spending more on dad and putting a little extra effort to make his Father's Day exceptional. One great way to do this is to get him his favorite spirit and share a toast over a good meal.

Here are some excellent toasts to give dad on his special day.

“To my father. If I can become half the man he is, I will have achieved greatness.”

“To the sap in our family tree.” (Phrasing)

“Let us raise our glasses And then imbibe To the splendid father Who founded this tribe!”

“To Dad: May the love and respect we express toward him make up for the worry and care we have visited upon him.”

Of course, there is another aspect of Father’s Day which is also gaining momentum. That is the friends of dads-to-be taking their bud out on the town for a good time before the long nights of three AM feedings and diaper changes take them out of the fun rotation. So, for those of you who have this one last chance to take a dad-to-be out for one last pre-dirty diaper moment of glory, do it and raise a toast.

“A new life begun, like father, like son.”

"Babies. They make you love more and make love less. Keep you up all night without all the partying, and suck the life out of your bank account like a vampire at a blood bank. But they give you far more happiness than worry, and a future to live for."

“Good luck as you enter a “changing” world!”

“As they say in the diaper business, “Bottoms up!”

“You will never look at gravy on mashed potatoes again.”

And finally, there will be the dads sitting there, as the center of attention, soaking up the well-deserved accolades. It’s your day, so a few humble thank you’s will do just fine, but some of you may want to say more than that. After all, this is your family who went to a lot of trouble to give you a fantastic day to remember. Here are some toasts to give back.

“Here’s to your health, and your family’s good health. May you live long and prosper.“ (You can really geek out with this one)

“Here’s to my child (children, son, daughter, non-gendered pronoun depending on which college they’re at), someone I’ve known for his whole life, who, nonetheless, continues to surprise and impress me.”