Production Planning

Production Planning

Production planning is an essential part of operating a successful distillery business. Your production planning activities will manage how you manufacture your product, where you allocate resources (including human capital) and materials, how much product you create, and more.
Production planning is the roadmap to your distilling process. It will ensure that each stage of your production is carried out successfully and efficiently, without sacrificing quality, safety, or consistency.
Let’s explore the production planning process for distilleries.


Routing means you’re going to plan the path (or route) of the work and how the sequence of production will be carried out.
This is relatively easy for a distillery because the distilling process is going to dictate your route largely. In other words, you already have a pretty clear idea of the sequence of steps and processes needed.
That said, there are some critical components of the routing phase that you may not have considered yet. Mainly, the human factor. Who will be performing each role of the production process and, are there any additional machines, materials or other equipment needed to facilitate the production process?


Next is the scheduling phase of production planning. This is where you establish a timetable for each step in the process. Again, a lot of this is predetermined by the distilling process itself.
A lot of product managers create a master schedule, an operation schedule, and a daily schedule. This helps keep daily duties organized, without losing sight of the overarching timetable.


With your route and schedule in place, you can now implement these tools into your production process and see what happens.
 Dispatching allows you to test if your route and schedules are viable. This step is all about gathering data and discovering pain points in the process that hurt productivity.
You want to keep detailed records of how production is being carried out when each stage is occurring, and then comparing those notes to your schedule and route.
Do they match, or are there deviations?


Production planning is not a one-time project, but rather an ongoing process. Efficiency and productivity are influenced by so many different dynamic factors, which means that your production plan is going to require constant revisions.
You should always be looking at the data gathered in the dispatch phase and looking for ways to improve your production planning to yield better results.
It sounds simple on paper, yet finding ways to boost productivity and improve the production process is anything but.

The Technological Advantage

Luckily, there are innovative software tools that make the production planning process easier! Hoochware is one example of a distillery production planning management tool that provides a deeper understanding of your production process.
You'll find detailed reports that display your material requirements, production capacity, batch metrics, and other vital insights into your production process.
These data-rich reports showcase actionable insights into improving your production and optimizing every step of the process. You'll work more efficiently, waste fewer resources, and yield a consistent, high-quality end-product.
Hoochware also makes it easier for distillery personnel to communicate. You can send reports and logs to different team members to help influence collective planning and optimization. Everyone will soon be working together to find innovative ways to improve production!


When you consider how significant the production planning step is for a distillery business, it’s clear to see why so many of these companies are investing in software solutions to aid in this process.
We're in an age where we have limitless access to data and insights. The key is to have the right tools to dissect those streams of data to find ways to improve productivity.