Farewell 2016

Farewell 2016

It’s a safe bet that 2016 will go down in history as one of those years everyone will say they want to forget as they talk non-stop about how bad it was to their friends. No doubt there will be endless toasts celebrating its demise this New Years. 2016 had its moments, that’s for sure, but why do we hate it so bad? There have been plenty of worse years, and I’m not talking that far back in history like 1916, 1929-1945, or 1968. 2001 and 2008, 09, and 10 were far more difficult years than 2016. So why the hate? Because we need the catharsis.

We have all been there. You know those times when you just finished the workday from hell, got caught in a traffic jam on the way home, and it’s only Tuesday so the weekend is too far away. It’s time for a little after dinner drink (before dinner) and maybe we decide to make a scotch on the rocks. We need this, but before we even get to the liquor part, we drop an ice cube on the floor and lose our collective fecal matter. Dropping the ice is ultimately a meaningless happenstance, but in that instant, it becomes the dumpster where we throw every bit of pent up frustration and fury we kept bottled up all day. 2016 has become this damn ice cube.

I’m not saying that 2016 is a great year. Politics has divided our country even further than it already was, and there seems to be more chaos going on in other parts of the world. Even the Cold War is making a comeback. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t make people stop drinking vodka. Then there is the 2016 celebrity apocalypse. We lose beloved entertainers every year, but 2016 saw us lose some pop-culture icons – true treasures that bridged generations. Still, in more ways than not, 2016 was a better year than we are willing to give it credit for – not that it wasn’t irksome sometimes.

So here we are at the end of 2016, and counting down the days, minutes, and seconds until its demise is final world wide. Pour all the fear, frustration, and even anger that has been accumulating over the last decade plus into watching the bad joke that was 2016 fade away to the land of bad memories. It deserves it, and we deserve this fun little catharsis along with our New Year’s cocktails.

After you get it out of your system, take some time to reflect about the good things that happened. Think about your personal triumphs or the amazing leaps forward your distillery made this year. Remember the good things with fondness, and leave the unpleasantness in the past. Dragging all the things that sucked around with us for all these years is one of the reasons 2016 gave us such a hard time, psychologically speaking.

And finally, greet 2017 with open arms. We don’t know if it will be a better year or worse year than 2016, but it’s the year we have. Do your part to make it a good one, and don’t let the shadows of the past block its light. The future is in your hands. Share a drink with friends, and make the most of it.