Manage your

Inventory Lifecycle
with OnBatch

Track and manage all raw packaging materials and containers needed to produce your finished and semi-finished goods.

OnBatch transforms your inventory lifecycle processes with a single source inventory management solution.

Optimize your process with our robust feature sets that connect replenishment, location, pricing and BOM data in one secure system. Demystify inventory analytics to expand and scale your operations.


  • Trace inventory through the entire lifecycle.
  • Control pricing with custom preset levels.
  • Project stock levels with accurate burn rates.

Streamline your Stock

Adjustable Replenishment

Ensure on-time production with OnBatch adjustable replenishment. Project the burn rate per stock item to forecast stock levels in production a week, month or even a year out. Stock Warning streamlines your production schedule and ensures accurate stock material inventory, so you never miss a mark.

Find your Inventory

Stock Location

Improve warehouse efficiency with OnBatch stock location. Track warehouse inventory to ensure swift product retrieval and audit user-specific product movement within each facility to maintain quality control and accountability.

Customize your Prices

Volume & Promotional Date Pricing

Optimize your pricing models with OnBatch pricing tools. The tiered pricing model empowers you to decrease pricing automatically once quantity thresholds have been met. Volume pricing models are set based on a total amount of units purchased. Promotional date range settings automatically adjust prices without staring at your calendar.

Smooth your Supply Chain

Bill of Materials

Regain control over your Bill of Materials with the OnBatch BOM tool. Organize single level BOM’s to declutter inefficiencies and generate a smooth production chain from the very start.

Adapt your Systems

Reporting & Analytics

Transform your systems and processes with OnBatch analytics and reporting. Inventory analytics compares efficient operations processes and signals deficits to enable optimization. Reporting functions generate actionable insights to keep your inventory levels sustainable.

Included Benefits


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Customer support with a real, knowledgeable human

Transform your process with OnBatch - One Batch at a Time.

Our intuitive software solution strengthens your control over daily operations - boosting efficiency and transforming how you do inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, and warehousing, while keeping you compliant. OnBatch gets your jobs done.

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