What Does Your Cocktail Say About You?

What Does Your Cocktail Say About You?

Most people enter a bar looking to meet someone or looking to have a good time.  If you look closely enough, you can learn a lot about people based on their beverage of choice.  Let’s face it a drunk girl dancing in the corner on a Friday night isn’t the most attractive person in the bar.  But, who’s to say that she didn’t have a bad week and needed to let loose.  You can’t be too perceptive when it comes to meeting people in a bar.  One way to learn a lot about a person is the study the beverage he or she is drinking.  Let’s have a look. 


Gentlemen, cosmo drinkers are modern day Carrie Bradshaws.  The reason they drink out of a glass that takes coordination is so they can continuously look down at their overpriced shoes that no one cares about.  If you are going to approach a lady drinking a cosmo at the bar, be ready for high maintenance.  


Ladies, if you are into the pretentious type, look for the dude with the martini.  He’s showing you that he’s full of class and sophistication.  Martini drinkers do well at holding their liquor, so the guy with the martini glass is most likely looking for an intellectual companion, and not someone to cuddle up with and watch a romantic comedy.  If you frequent the club scene and are looking for someone with a light personality, steer free of the martini drinker. 

Gin and Tonic 

At some point in his life, a gin and tonic drinker owned a Member’s Only Jacket and popped the collar on his polo shirt.  Oddly, a recent study found that narcissists like the taste of tonic. It also revealed that tonic drinkers are more prone to be psychopaths.  It’s probably best to avoid the guy at the bar drinking a gin and tonic.  Odds are you could end up in a bad state, and not from the gin. 

Craft Beer 

Beer drinkers by nature are simple people, so the guy at the end of the bar sipping on the latest craft beer likes people.  He explores the world of craft beers because he likes to see what makes others happy.  He’s that nice guy.  He likes dogs and long walks on the beach, but he can also go out and wrench on his own car without having to call a mechanic to solve the problem.  He knows what he likes, he learns about it, and he shares his passions.  Craft beer drinkers are a good catch. 

Rum and Coke 

This is a safety drink.  It’s what the creepy guy at the end of the bar drinks so he can look cool.  Rum and coke drinkers lack imagination and the creativity to experiment with the wide variety of cocktails available at the bar.  They prefer the monotony of the same old boring drink.  If you like routine, consistency, and watching reruns of old sitcoms on TV during the week, seek out that rum and coke drinker at the bar.