4 Marketing Ideas for Spirits in Summer

4 Marketing Ideas for Spirits in Summer

It’s always smart to capitalize on the seasons when you are in need of a good marketing campaign.  As the summer months begin to wind down, there’s still a bit of time to capitalize on what the season has to offer.  Here are 4 ideas to help you utilize what the summer has to offer your  marketing plan. 

1. Attend Local Events

Throw a party or set up at a festival. (Assuming local laws allow you to do something like that with your liquor) Even setting up a dry booth that gives out little bits of swag, or sells items like t-shirts, hats, or shot glasses with your logo are a great way to reach new and existing customers. Another thing that would be great to include are little pamphlets that highlight your booze, production process/ingredients, and your company culture. If people see you as their friends and neighbors and know that what they buy is quality stuff, they are much more likely to give your liquor a go. 

2. Vacation or Staycation Promos

Taking a vacation is one of the top summertime traditions. Seeing national landmarks, going to big cities and taking in all the sites, or just taking a long road trip to visit distant relatives is what helps people make it through the long work year. It is also one of those dying traditions that many of your customers can’t partake in. Times are still tough for many out there, so a real vacation might not be in the budget. Plus there are still plenty of other obligations that might mean someone has to stay home, like work or family. 

It’s possible to hit both these targets. Things like an Instagram or Twitter photo contest where customers share a pic of them responsibly enjoying your beverage during whatever summer downtime they can get is a great way to get them personally invested in your brand. It can also be expanded to have little blurbs about what they’re doing, which adds a personal touch. (And is a great way to sneak in a little extra marker research.) 

3. Celebrate the Summer Holidays

Summer has three big holidays – Memorial Day, The 4th of July, and Labor Day. These mark the unofficial beginning, middle, and end of the fun. Holiday promos can be done in a number of ways. Bottles can be given a limited edition label, contests can be had for a dream box of fireworks, or a drawing for a concert can be held. The sky is the limit. Just find what most resonates with your customers.  

Make sure that you are celebrating the holidays the same way as your customers. The 4th and Labor Day are pretty universal, but Memorial Day can get tricky. There is a thin line between crass commercialism trying to cash in on fallen soldiers and sincerely saying your business or company honors the fallen. Some market segments are more sensitive to this than others. 

4. Make a Special Summer Batch 

This could work for any season, but having a special summer blend of spirits can be the way to go. The old days of grabbing a generic six pack and handing out rum and Coke as the default mixed drink at a bar-b-que are long gone. People are looking for something more sophisticated these days, and providing that can get confusing. When they see a product that is specifically made to be drunk in summer, it not only saves them time, but also makes them feel confident that they are bringing the right thing to the party.