Best Craft Liquor Trade Show Giveaway

Best Craft Liquor Trade Show Giveaway

Trade shows are the time for a craft distillery to stand out and shine, and show the world why their brand of liquor is a cut above the rest. The only problem is that everyone else is also doing that, and chances are their product is also excellent – different, but every bit as good. This is when the cold hard gods of marketing need to be called on. Distilleries have to get their product noticed, or they aren’t going to make it. Chances are, you already have the samples ready to go, but there is still more to do.

One clever thing to do is have a giveaway. People always want something for free, and they are more than happy to fill out a little card to get in on it. Your distillery wins in two ways on this. The first is that you get a goldmine of contact info. Everyone who fills out your giveaway registration card will write down their name, phone number, and email. Second, if they win, they will remember your distillery. Here are some of the best giveaway ideas.

Swag Bag

Swag is one of those words I hate because I'm over twelve, but it does serve a purpose. Little things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, notepads, keychains, etc. all go a long way in marketing your product at a tradeshow. They help remind potential customers that you exist. However, giving out little trinkets to everyone can get expensive fast. One good way to handle it is to make swag bags that have a little bit of everything. Have about a dozen of them, and let them be the second or third prize in a drawing. You can even fudge things a little and just tell a strong lead that they won and send out an extra one.

Whiskey Barrel

Anyone who is passionate about craft distillery loves whiskey barrels, and when people have a chance to get one, they are going to take it. I’d say there are over 101 lists about 101 uses for these things. They're neat enough to sit in the corner of a room; they make great flowerbeds, tables, chairs, a single porch swing, or all sorts of things. That’s why people want them.


Signs make a great decoration for a home bar, man cave, or mom cave. Just remember it has to be a real sign. A cardboard square with your distillery’s logo won’t cut it. Think neon lights and metal. People want a conversation starter that will make them feel special when houseguests ask them where they got it, and if there’s any of that liquor to try.

Special Tours

As a rule of thumb, a distillery should always let customers visit their facilities. That's good business. But there is a way to make it extra special. Offer something like a free weekend at a lovely bed & breakfast with some time set aside to where the winner gets an exclusive VIP tour of where the magic is made. The winner can either take a weekend alone or bring their significant other along for a romantic getaway. And make the tour something more than what it would usually be. Show them things or go to parts of the distillery you don't show on a visit. Go that extra mile, and make the winner feel exactly like that – a winner.