Fun Facts About Your Beverages

Fun Facts About Your Beverages

If there is one thing that interests people about the liquor industry, aside from the craft aspect, it is the odd bits of lore and history that surrounds hard drinks. People may want to know about the origin and history of a particular drink, the reason certain ingredients are necessary – aside from the apparent flavors they bring, or what famous hard drinking politician or entertainer loved one specific label and why.

They also want to know about the off the wall stuff. This obsession can go on into the funny or the several bizarre and draconian alcohol laws that leave responsible drinkers scratching their head. Here are a few pieces of booze-related trivia to share with your friends during your next get together.

Are your kids looking for an excuse not to take out the garbage? Missouri may have given it to them. In the Show-Me State, anyone under 21 with a trash bag or garbage can containing empty liquor bottles can be charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Dean Martin rarely, if ever, drank. The image of him always carrying a glass of whiskey was just for show. It was only part of the act.

Opposite Dean Martin, in almost every way imaginable, we have Lemmy Kilmister. The frontman for Motorhead drank, on average, a bottle of Jack Daniels a day during his adult life. One of his favorite drinks was Jack and Coke, leading to some people wanting to immortalize the rock god by officially getting the drink to be called a Lemmy.

It is said that Prime Minister Winston Churchill drank enough liquor during his life to float a destroyer.

Hitler never drank, but he thought meth was A-OK.

The first recruitment center for the U.S. Marine Corps was in a bar.

There are some McDonald’s in Europe where diners can order alcohol. Is it good booze, or are we talking about McWhiskey level rotgut here?

Astronomers found a gigantic cloud of alcohol in space that could be used to make around four septillion drinks. That’s 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or a genuine Irish wake.

All Irish jokes aside, the drunkest place in the world is South Korea. One bit of booze lore is that no South Korean business executive will ever fully trust anyone who they haven't seen entirely, manure faced drunk. They think that when a person is in that state, you get to see who they truly are. It’s not surprising that they invented the bestselling spirit in the world there, Jinro Soju.

The U.S.A. has the highest minimum drinking age of the civilized world.

The official drink of the U.S. is bourbon.

Alcohol doesn’t warm a person up. It lowers a person’s body temperature, though the more you drink, the less you care.

The origin of the toast comes from ancient Rome. Back then, people would literally drop a piece of toast into their wine before making their pronouncement, speech, or well wishes.

Diet soda mixers work best. A study from 2013 found that mixed drinks made with diet sodas made drinkers an average of 18% more drunk than ones made with the regular, sugary versions.