Biggest Bar Trends of 2017

Biggest Bar Trends of 2017

One of the first rules of business is that you have to give the customers what they want. It’s a simple enough concept, but some people seem to have a knack for screwing it up. Maybe it’s because they think they already know everything, or they’re so enamored with what they want to do as a business they can’t see what they need to do. Either way, ignoring trends isn't the wisest move a business can make. Even if it isn't a trend, they can be a part of, adjusting plans to handle the impact it will have on the industry is important.

Craft liquor often faces an extra hurdle when it comes to trends – namely the fact that the three plus years it takes distilleries to make their product from start to finish means they can’t simply switch what they’re doing mid-stream. Still, if you have something that can be part of the trend use it. Here are some of those trends that will be hitting the bars and liquor stores in 2017. In fact, there is one you might like.

Live Demos and Education

One of the bigger trends going on in all corners of the food and beverage industry is people wanting to know more about what they eat and drink. They want to know the ingredients, and how it’s made. For bars and restaurants, this is starting to include demos where bartenders show patrons how to make some of their favorite drinks. Distilleries can get in on the action by providing the liquor to a bartender as part of their cocktail making demo. They can also show off the non-trade secret parts of their crafting process and signature ingredients. Maybe your distillery could even create its own drink for the occasion.

Bottled Cocktails

If there is one thing that can win out over quality, it's convenience. That doesn't mean it can't be both, though. Partiers on the go are gravitating towards premixed drinks to take with them. Maybe they want to have their favorite at home, without the hassle of making it themselves, or where they're headed doesn't have a bartender and they don't know how to make the drink themselves. Whatever the reason, these premade cocktails are becoming a thing.


Go green and stay green. That is what customers want, and will want for a long time. Honestly, this has been a trend for the last decade or so, but it's worth repeating. Customers will quit drinking their favorite brand if they think the distillery making it is having a negative impact on the environment. Conversely, someone who doesn’t care about the environment isn’t going to care that your distillery is green or not. They just want your booze. In other words, there is no reason not to go green. New technology is making going green easier and more cost effective, and social media will let your drinkers know what you’re doing to keep the planet healthy.

And the best trend for 2017 is…

Drum roll, please…

Bars Working with Distilleries For years and years, bars have been making their own signature drinks and infusions. Now many are seeking to partner up with local craft distilleries to create drinks with a unique flavor signature. Local business supporting local businesses is a beautiful thing. What else is there to say about this golden opportunity, other than I hope your state will allow for that kind of direct interaction.