Spring Drinks for Everyone

Spring Drinks for Everyone

Spring is such a weird time of the year. Sure, it's beautiful. We get the see the colorful blooms and the landscape go from winter gray to a living shade of green. That winter chill finally gets chased away too. What makes it weird is how it rolls through different parts of the country. For people in the Northeast, the first part of spring means there are only one or two snow storms left in the season. For southerners, it means warm, breezy days with light tornados later in the afternoon. For many, spring is a magical two days before summer roasts everyone, and at least one or two people is reading this are asking, "What's a season?".

Talking as if spring is one only kind of season is like saying that there is only one type of whiskey. Spring will be a much different experience from one person to the next, depending on where a person lives. A list of drinks for evenings of jeans & t-shirt weather with the occasional breeze and soft rain isn’t going to work. Let’s talk about a drink fitting for the different kinds of springs people all over have.

For the No-Seasoners

Many of us live in places where you can go outside in the middle of January, and it isn't all that different than going out there in the midst of July. Here is the perfect drink for you.


Take it neat, on the rocks, or however, you like it. Whiskey is the perfect drink for any season, even if you live in a place without them.

For the Tornado and Thunderstorm Alley Dwellers Tornados are scary, and they suck, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with the heart-stopping terror that are theses natural disasters.

Gone with the Wind Cocktail

Ingredients 2 ounces of bourbon (preferably made in the south)

Cranberry juice

Wedge of lime


Place a rocks glass in the freezer, and chill it for five minutes Fill the chilled glass with ice and then add the booze. Fill the glass with the cranberry juice and then squeeze in the lime wedge; serve immediately.

For the Still Frozen North

A friend of mine from Maine once told me that spring is an old Native American word that means late winter. Okay, I made that up. But with snow forecasted there for April Fool’s Day, what do you expect?

Irish Coffee

This is the perfect drink for when you need your coffee, but you also need winter to shut the heck up and go home. Bonus points for northeasterners if they use Dunkin’ Donuts to make it.


Irish Whiskey

Cream & Sugar


Make or order your coffee Mix in the Irish Whiskey in the amount that best fits the kind of day you had (good or bad).

For the Pacific Northwest

There is no denying that the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but you gotta like the rain. Spring is lovely here, just don’t forget your umbrella.

Damp Pavement


1 ounce of ginger syrup

Three-quarter ounce of lemon juice

3 ounce of water

1.5 ounces of Scotch whiskey

1 tsp allspice dram


Add the ginger syrup, lemon juice, and water in a small pan, and heat until piping hot. Mix in the whiskey and the allspice dram and stir. Finish up by pouring it into a pre-heated mug and garnish with an orange peel.