How Your Distillery Can Simplify Year End Paperwork

How Your Distillery Can Simplify Year End Paperwork

Wouldn't it be nice if all we had to do to complete our year-end reports was to press one single button, and POOF…it would all be magically done? Yes, it would. And maybe when some genius finally creates an accounting-bot (a Hooch-Bot) like something from Star Wars that will do everything for you. Until we figure out a way to make a real-life Hooch-Bot, you have Hoochware. It's close to a Hooch-bot already. It just lives in your browser instead of beeping around the office.

In all honesty, the thing that your distillery relies on the most, aside from the actual liquor it makes and the people who make it, is records. Nothing else you do will matter if all the proper paperwork and documents made every step in the distilling process are in order and 100% accurate. Taking this lightly, or even taking it super seriously and still getting it wrong, can lead to serious trouble ranging from penalties and fines to a distillery getting shuddered. Remember, when it comes to missteps on taxes, you are pretty much guilty until proven innocent.

We don't have to tell you how much stuff there is to square away at a distillery when the year closes out. Regular taxes are bad enough, but you still have to get things ready for the TTB and the various state and local hoops we have to jump through. What we will tell you is that Hoochware will make it easier. After all, our motto is, "You Make the Hooch. We'll Crunch the Numbers."

The old way of keeping track of reports was as bothersome as three post-New Year's Day hangovers and a month of jury duty crammed into one day. Combing through TTB spreadsheets hoping you find any errors, and tracking down some eight-month-old scrap of paper that holds the vital piece of missing information about that batch that got spilled when the new guy bumped the pallet jack into it. Then there is adding all the excise taxes up correctly, hoping that you applied it to everything it was supposed to be used to and not applied to what it wasn't.

Those days before Hoochware sure did suck.

With us, all the reports are generated, on the spot, and are 100% accurate and secure. You don't even have to print anything out unless you just want to murder a few poor trees, so those filing cabinets you picked up at a yard sale don't stay empty. We securely store your reports in a convenient archive you can access anytime you want. With Hoochware, all you need to is click one button, and everything gets submitted to the right government agencies.

Hoochware isn't just for year-end reports though. It makes every day of the year easier in all aspects of production and sales. We have it covered, from inventory control to distribution. Every item gets tracked, stock levels are noted in real time, and Hoochware even lets you know when you need to reorder. Our platform also handles a lot of the busy work when it comes to sales by providing an open communication line to any distributor or buyer wanting a bottle of what you got. No other way is easier.