Thanksgiving Drinking Games

Thanksgiving Drinking Games

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that many of us love and hate at the same time. The sentiment behind it is something I think we can all appreciate – connecting with family and giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Great in theory, but harder to pull off in practice.

This is why we drink on Thanksgiving, but that can be a little boring all by itself. So, why not make a game out of it?

Word of the Day

The first version of this game has you and all the people playing coming up with a secret word that you try to fit into conversations seamlessly. It has to be a weird or unusual word, but not too crazy. When you get the word in, everyone else but you take a drink. If someone not playing asks why you're using that word, you take the sip.

Another version is everyone playing picks a word, and when someone outside the group says it, you all drink. This works best if the word is connected with a touchy subject. That way, the more it comes up, the more you and the people playing with you get to drink to ignore it.  

The “You Know it Will Come Up” Game

There are always certain subjects that come up during Thanksgiving. Not necessarily bad or sensitive topics, but the usual family chitchat. When someone brings up one of these topics, take a drink for the first person who was asked, and one additional drink for anyone else who gets roped in.

Kids & Marriage

When you or anyone else gets asked about when they’re getting married or having kids, take a drink.

Look at My New…

We all have that family member who buys the newest electronic gadget the day it comes out. It could be an iPhone, Galaxy, gaming PC, sound systems, 4KTVs, or whatever, but they cannot stop showing it off or talking about it. Whenever they show it off or talk about it, take a drink. This game also works with gearheads talking about cars or bikes.  

Nap Time

Take a drink for every person who falls asleep after dinner watching football or whatever post-feast tradition your family has.

The Vaping, Cross-Fit Vegan

Another family member we all have is the one annoyingly obsessed about some trend, and won’t shut up about it. This game is for them, and it has two tiers.

1st Tier: Take a drink anytime someone shoehorns their obsession into a conversation. It will automatically be awkwardly worded because these are things good and normal people don’t casually talk about.

2nd Tier: If the subject gets brought up in a way that slows down or brings Thanksgiving dinner to a screeching halt, everyone takes two drinks. You know, when the vegan talks about the cruelty level of turkey farms, the cross-fit fanatic rants against the bad carbs, or the vaper blasts everyone at the table with a cloud of cherry cotton candy tropical sunshine flavored vape – because it’s not smoking so it should be allowed at the dinner table.


There’s a reason Married with Children, and similar shows are so popular. Not every family is all that functional. Even the healthy happy families have their issues. Add to that today’s polarized political climate, and every moment at the dinner table is one comment from Uncle Ralph or the family’s poli-sci major away from triggering a heated debate.  And that’s assuming no one gets into a fist fight over the football game. What a day, am I right?